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Question: Does lower back pain leads to irregular periods age 41

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Answer: No it's not like that . It's ur daily bad routines due to which back pain happened, ur wrong sitting position s, irregular sleeping time, also wrong posture of standing, sudden bends while picking objects which falls down etc
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    Madhuri Kasapagu12 days ago


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Question: M 15 weeks pregnant women, last 2-3 days se mere pairo me kafi swelling and lower back me bahut hi pain ho ra h mai kya kru 😭???
Answer: Hi, swelling is normal during pregnancy, due to increased blood volume and fluid in the body.it is called as edema.it is most common in hands, face , legs, ankles, feet.drink plenty of fluids at least 3-4 litres in a day, elevate your feet, better not to sit for long times, ware loose comfortable cloths, avoid excess spices and salts, take more potassium rich foods, better to check your blood pressure once.For back pain if it is very severe please take paracetamol.take care
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Question: 34th week complete Ho gye . Back pain baht jyada rehta h. Labour pain ki nishani to nhi
Answer: Nhi dear it's not a sign of labor mujhe v same prblm he ye baby k growth k wajah se ho rhi h ......don't worry take care
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Question: I have complete my 9week but having pain in lower area of stomach in center lower part
Answer: Mild pain is normal in first trimester.dont take tension be taxed n happy.agar drd tez ho to turant doc se mile
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