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Question: Does lower back pain happen during ovulation time?

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Answer: Hello dear, yes dear some women face this.. So don't worry.
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Question: Is back pain normal during pregnancy why do back pain happen
Answer: Hello dear,backpain during pregnancy is absolutely normal as you are gaining weight center of gravity changes. You can stand straight and tall. Dont lock your knees while sitting. Wear shoes instead of heels. Sleep on your left side use pregnancy pillows between your knees. Have a massage and a gentle walk for 15 mins.
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Question: Lower stomach pain, why does it happen ?
Answer: Hi ..It is normal to have lower abdominal pain in pregnancy. It Can be caused due to gas pain or it might be due to constipation.A hot water bottle or heating pad might help.Drink lots of liquids to stay hydrated. Take care
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Question: I have pain in my lower back bone and lower front ..y does it happen in 4 mnth?m very afraid. Isn't it harmful to my baby?
Answer: It is totally normal . As your body balance changed due to your baby weight . Lower back pain may increase with the passage of time till 9 months as the baby weight creates pressure.
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