32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does lower abdominal pain is normal during 8th month of pregnancy

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Answer: Hello.. Dear in pregnancy,mild abdominal pain happen due to stretching of musles,it is normal,if you have severe pain please consult doctor
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Question: I have lower abdominal pain... Is it normal during first month of pregnancy
Answer: Ya it is normal ....but some time it is abnormal because that is Ur pain based Ur consult Dr
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Question: Lower abdominal pain is normal in 4th month of pregnancy?
Answer: Yeah it is normal through out u r pregnancy. It's just a sign or symptom of pregnancy. The pain could be cos u took any thing heavy which in fact let to to the uterus to pain .If the pain is bearable nothing to worry
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Question: What can be the cause of lower abdominal pain during 8th month ?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. Pains can be due to different reasons like gas problem, indigestion problem etc. Take cumin water with ghee and sugar added as it helps to reduce pain. Avoid spicy masala food. Drink more water and eat vegetables and fruits.If pain doesn't come down or you find any other symptoms Consult doctor.Please go through Healofy home page you find tips, recipes, diet and other information which is very useful. Take care
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Question: is lower abdominal pain normal during 5th month
Answer: Yes having lower abdominal pain sometimes by 5th month is norml...i also faces these kind of problems...bt in case of severe pain and continuous pain for more than 1-2 days can be dangerous in that case consult ur dr...avoid lifting of heavy objects n sitting in same position of a long time
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