13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does low lying placenta causes pain in right stomach? I'm suffering from this. 13 weeks pregnant.

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Answer: Hi, low lying placenta does not cause pain. Pain can be due to the expanding uterus which causes the muscles and the ligaments to stretch. Mild pain is normal and nothing to worry.
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Question: I'm 13 weeks pregnant, I have low lying placenta what to do?
Answer: Hi ma'am dont worry its common in pregnancy it happened with me...you just have to be careful that's it...ma'am first of all don't take stress...secondly avoid too much stairs and keep your feet elevated while sleeping I did all this and was fine within a week...placenta keeps in moving throughout pregnancy it with be fine till delivery...so don't worry..enjoy this phase.. Take care..
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Question: Hi.. M 4months pregnant n I'm having low lying placenta.. From yesterday I'm suffering from low abdominal pain.. Is this normal?
Answer: Dear with low lying placenta you can experience some mild pain so do proper bedrest and keep a pillow under your legs and elevate your legs that will give you some relief but if pain is continuous then its better to get it checked by doctor..
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Question: Low lying placenta in 13 weeks. Is this a problem?
Answer: Hi Its common and in this case you have to be in complete bed rest and as ypu are just 13 weeks placenta may change position but till that you have to be in rest as it has chances for bleeding in pregnancy
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