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Question: Does having sex during 3rd month of pregnancy is safe...?

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Answer: No, you should avoid sex in the first trimester. After the first trimester, you can consult with your doctor.
Answer: You can have intercourse during pregnancy as long as your pregnancy isn't a low risk pregnancy dear...
Answer: Yes, having sex is safe. Don't intercourse if you feel pain in abdomen
Answer: It's absolutely safe to have sex during 3rd month
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Question: Which month is safe to have sex during pregnancy???
Answer: It is not advisable to have sex in first 3 months of pregnancy as fetus is Taking growth during this time. So, it can be harmful for the fetus. After completion of 3 months, u can have sex from 4 to 7 months. If ur pregnancy is going smooth and u have no medical complications then doing sex in last trimester is totally safe. Last month sex can help u in open ur cervix.
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Question: Is sex is safe during 1st trimester of pregnancy??
Answer: Dear my husband wants to intercourse in first trimester i ask yo my dr she said a big no .sex should be avoided 3 months because pressure in uterus s not good 4 ur baby so avoid till 3 months completed...then i avoid it in first trimester so dear try to avoid it irs not safe 4 present time .take care
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Question: Is sex during 3rd trimester pregnancy is safe?
Answer: If u r healthy and doesn't have any kind of health issues happily u can enjoy sex. But there should not be given pressure on your stomach. In the last trimester it will help cervix open freely.
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