24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: does going to wedding and loud music DJ cause problem to baby aur baby hearing??

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Answer: No nothing of this sort will happen. inside your womb baby is is experiencing much louder noises than outside it. Enjoy the wedding.
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    Shreya Sinha712 days ago

    okk thnks dear

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Question: does loud music cause problem to baby hearing?
Answer: Hello! the baby is in a protective environment. Hence until and unless the sound is too loud it doesn't cause any effect on the baby. But if you are not comfortable with loudly music, you should avoid it.
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Question: does loud dj noise affect baby hearing
Answer: Though loud music might harm mother's hearing, it won't hurt the developing baby. The baby can hear noises outside the mother's body, but the amniotic fluid muffles the sound. "Imagine being underwater in a swimming pool, and you'll get the idea of what it's like for your baby, floating in its protective sac of amniotic fluid."
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Question: Can loud music affect the baby ( like DJ music in weddings)?
Answer: No it doesn't harm to your baby. But it can make you more fatigue.
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Question: Is loud music can effect babies hearing power
Answer: Listen calm music... loud music can create fear to child in womb..
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