18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does feet and palm itches during 5th month of pregnancy?

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Answer: Hi sis. This is quiet common during pregnancy. Few of the remedies are: Take lukewarm showers and baths. Hot water can dry out your skin and make the itching worse. Stay cool. Take care.
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Question: Itiching in palm and feet in pregnancy 25th month
Answer: Pls increase the intake of water.Use coconut oil in your Palm ND feet.Its common in pregnancy, I m also suffering from dis problem.You can take coconut water also.
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Question: Why sometimes there is sever itching in feet and palm area during this stage of pregnancy (22 weeks)
Answer: Hii u should consult doctor  as You may have a condition called obstetric cholestasis, which can be dangerous if not treated. If  left untreated, this condition can be incredibly dangerous to fetal development and can lead to premature birth or even a stillbirth.  Itching in hands and leg at night is not a good sign dear. Take a second thought form other doctor but don't take it lightly. 
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Question: Why my palm and feet are hot durig 9th month of pregnancy
Answer: Because during pregnancy you have to use more energy to do work or other activities.so thatwhy it produce a lot of energy and make body warm
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