5 months old baby

Question: Does exercise (walking and yoga) affect the breast milk.. plz suggest

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Answer: Hi. No dear this isnt truth. Walking wont affect breast milk at all.
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Question: Does wearing bras will affect the breast milk??
Answer: U must wear bras especially during breast feeding. It will not affect Ur milk production. It gives support to Ur breast. U can use feeding bras. Do not use bras with underwire.
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Question: Does delivery before the edd affect breast milk production? My baby was born 25 days before the edd. Does this in any way affect breast milk production?
Answer: No it doesn't effect milk production ,don't stop feeding baby at any cost!!
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Question: How does tsh level affect breast milk?
Answer: Some breastfeeding mothers with hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone levels and elevated TSH) struggle to make a full milk supply. Thyroid hormones play a role in normal breast development and helping breasts to make milk. When not enough of the thyroid hormones are made, a mother’s milk supply may be affected. Untreated low thyroid levels in mom may result in a decrease in milk supply and sometimes poor weight gain in baby (due to low milk supply).
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