9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does eating palak will effect thyroid levels?

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Question: My thyroid levels has increased post delivery from 3 to 4.8 does it effect my baby in any way?
Answer: Hi dear, I had the similar thing.i got to know I was hypothyroid in routine check up in pregnancy and started with minimal dose.later had to increase the dose too in final trimester.post delivery I had quit taking but it increased.and had to continue taking it.till now I am on thyroid medication.
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Question: Does eating dry grape increase sugar levels?
Answer: Dear if you have a diabities history in family and do have a risk of getting it in pregnancy even then you can consume dry grapes. As I had a similar case and consumed dry grapes daily 5 in quantity. And my sugar levels did not increase. Hope it helps.
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Question: M 7 weeks pregnant and have sugar levels 125 , thyroid 5.05, does these levels effect my pregnancy nd baby growth?
Answer: Is this your fasting sugar level or post prandial?
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