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Question: Does eating papaya cause cold nd coughf for 13months baby

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Answer: pappaya is cold and cought
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Question: Does eating ice cream cause cold to baby?
Answer: Hi. You can eat a small scoop of ice-cream but drink hot water immediately afterwards. It may cause a cold to you, since you are still recovering from the delivery and your immunity may be low.
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Question: My baby boy 13months he suffering cold coughf and fever. Which medicine use
Answer: Hie Don't worry fever in babies take time to go it may take 2-4 days Your paediatrician would be the best person to recommend you correct medicine after examination of your baby along with dose And please avoid overdoses of medicine only give the recommended dose in due interval of time Giving it before time can be a cause of concern Dress your baby in light cotton clothes and keep the fan on low setting so as to help the air around your baby circulating Offer your baby plenty of fluids and cold food such as yogurt or chilled banana it would help keep body cool from inside Keep the food light so as your babys body can focus on fighting the infection b Place a cool damp cloth on your babys forehead or wipe his body with it to bring down the temperature and comfort the baby Offer your baby milk with turmeric powder and jaggery it would help keep baby warm . Make her a soup of green onions,garlic, potato and her favorite green vegetables Palak or methi would go well add a few black pepper to it Add ghee and serve it warm it would help in cold . Give your baby an concoction of one spoon each of Tulsi leaves juice, ginger juice ,lemon juice,garlic juice A pinch of mulethi and 6 spoons of honey . Give half a spoon every 3 hours to your baby Use the facial steamer and assist your baby to inhale the steam it would help loosen mucus and relieve congestion
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Question: Does post pregnancy papaya intake for long time cause piles ?
Answer: Hi , no dear I never heard anything like that and moreover papaya is good for lactating mother as it helps increase breastmilk. I had papaya almost everyday post delivery and never had any issues.
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