18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does eating lots of green leafy vegetables during pregnancy causes extra hair growth on baby's body?

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Answer: Hi dear, It is a complete myth.there is no relationship between vegetables and body hair.please donot beleive in such superstitious.body hair is purely genetic and nothing else.
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Question: Does eating pomegranate during pregnancy causes darkening of baby's skin
Answer: Hi,not at all dear ,it is good to have promegranate because it helps in digestion and it also helps in increasing the hemoglobin.
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Question: Does anybody else got extra hair growth on body during pregnancy....i use to not hav hair on stomach before but now I can see lot of hair growth on my stomach........does this hair goes off after delivery?
Answer: Yes this is very normal during pregnancy and after delivery they will disappear by their own .
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Question: Can we eat green leafy vegetables during breastfeeding??
Answer: Yeah you can take it.. but always take moderate amount. Next day if baby poo it might be green in color
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