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Question: Does eating chicken egg safe during pregnancy... M 3months pregnant

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Answer: Hello! Yes, it is absolutely safe but make sure that you cook them properly. Preferably go for hard boiled eggs. Uncooked or raw eggs can cause infections and has the dangerous bacteria called salmonella. Hence make sure the eggs are cooked properly before consuming them. Take care
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    Sneha Desai194 days ago

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Question: Eating chicken during pregnancy is it safe
Answer: Yes even its good. Make sure chicken is well cooked. Avoid out side foods as they arr not fresh and one dont know it its hygenic or not.
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Question: eating boiled egg is safe during pregnancy?
Answer: Yes dear u can have eggs in pregnancy as it is a good source of protein that provides amino acids, you and your baby need. They contain more than a dozen vitamins and minerals, which is good for baby's brain development. However, be sure not to eat undercooked or raw eggs. Eating one to two eggs on most days in a week is not harmful. However, if you are overweight or suffering from high cholesterol, eating eggs every day may increase the risk of complications
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Question: Eating chicken during pregnancy?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. Under cooked or semi cooked chicken is not safe in pregnancy as it can cause you many kinds of infections.Chicken with preservatives is also not good as they can cause any problem to babies growth. You can have fully cooked fresh chicken without preservatives. Avoid more spices as they can cause you avidity, indigestion and heart burn. Take care.
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Question: Eating KFC chicken during pregnancy is safe or not??
Answer: Avoid any market food, packages food.eat only homemade food
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