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Question: Does drinking less water affect milk production?

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Answer: Hii, congratulations for your motherhood. Yes , it affects your milk supply Your breast milk is made up of about 80% of water So, when you're breast feeding, it's important to drink plenty of fluids each day. Drinking enough water or other fluids will keep you healthy and hydrated. It will also help you to make and maintain your breast milk supply. Breastfeeding mom, should drink approximately six to eight glasses of water or other non-caffeinated beverages daily. You should drink enough water so that you're not thirsty. Thirst is your body's way of telling you that you need to drink more, so do your best to pay attention to your body. In hot weather or when your more physically active, you will be more thirsty and should drink more. But, overall, as long as your drinking to quench your thirst, you should be fine.  This also help for indigestion in you and baby.
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Water is needed in production if milk. If you don't drink more water, you milk will be thick and causes baby indigestion and cholic. Water us necessary for your body too. Take care
Answer: Hie Dear breast milk is 80% water so water is necessary for good milk flow as well as to prevent indigestion or constipation in yourself as well as baby
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Question: Does drinking hot water daily affect baby in any way?
Answer: Hello dear. No it wouldn't affect the baby. There are multiple health benefits from drinking warm water during pregnancy, which can allow the body to stay in good shape. The warm water also ensures the good bronchial health, as it reduces the chances of throat, cold, cough and flu infection. Drinking warm water also improves the blood flow in your body. Take care.
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Question: Does insulin affect breast milk production?
Answer: No it doesn't affect the breastmilk as you need to keep your sugar levels controlled even when breastfeeding as it helps baby to maintain the sugar levels so maintain a well balanced diet and drink lot of water stay hydrated and feed baby often it will help baby to stay hydrated take care
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Question: Does drinking cow milk increase milk production
Answer: Yes dear. When you drink milk or take milk products, it naturally increases milk production in your body. Baby will be getting calcium rich breast milk
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