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Question: Does consumption of kiwi helps in balancing afi level?

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Question: does heart rate helps in predicting sex of baby?
Answer: Hello! Heart rate doesn't predict the gender of the baby. Though there are old wife's tale on it, but it is not true.
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Question: how consumption of ghee in 9th month helps in normal delivery???
Answer: Though there is no scientific evidence to substantiate this claim, Ghee is said to benefit pregnant women by: Lubricating the vagina, hence paving way for a smoother delivery Acting as a laxative and thus stimulating contractions in overdue pregnancies Ghee also helps in digestion and prevent constipation- a major discomfort in pregnancy Keeping the body warm, strong and nourished Developing the brain of the baby.. Often, these benefits are being told by the family members.. Too much consumption is also not good as it may increase the weight but can have in moderate quantity..
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Question: Does barley water will increase afi level??
Answer: Dear iy can be safely taken during pregnancy however for increasing afi only incteased water intake will be helpful so barley water can br considered as a helpful thing but along with this also take coconut water and inctease water intake to 3-4 ltrs. Hope it helps.
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