1 months old baby

Question: Does bottle feeding introduce lot of gas in baby? Sometimes i pump my milk and feed baby as my breasts have become red n sore. Doctor asked to pump and give. My baby is facing gas issues off late.

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Answer: Hi dear yes bottle feeding does create a lot of gas issues in the baby because once they suck the bottle they suck a lot of hair along with the milk as well so it is a common problem, but if you can latch the baby directly or wen you do not have any issue in breastfeeding there is no need to feed from bottle you can lets the baby directly on your breast and the baby can suck it from the breast itself..for colic issues you can give baby a lot of tummy time massage the naval area clockwise and anticlockwise with ghee and hing paste.. Hope this helps!
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    Meenakshi S233 days ago

    Bottle feeding is given only once in morning. He is awake whole night till 7.30am. Due to feedings whole night i get tired so morning once only we give top feed. And we are doing evrything possible for gas issue for baby.

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