7 months old baby

Question: Does banana makes poo hard n can we give for 8 month old babies

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Answer: Hello! If the baby is having constipation, then please avoid bananas for the time being. Banana can cause hard poo. Take care
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Question: Does iron syrup makes babies poo green and watery?
Answer: Hi dear, Not necessarily.iron suppliments would generally make the poop look blackish rather.Babies of this age does poop of various textures and most of them has nothing to worry about.few reasons for green color poop: 1-imbalance of foremilk/hindmilk in mother's 2-sensitivity from mother's diet like cow milk 3-stomach infection 4- viral infections like cold Unless your baby is in any kind of discomfort,not to worry about the poop color.yes,you must report to doctor,if you find blood in stool,color of the poop is white or black.alao refer to Healofy app regularly for complete baby care and post pregnancy tips.
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Question: How to prepare banana powder for babies also from which month we can give. TIS
Answer: Not powder. Banana puree. Simply choose yellow banana and mush it or blend if you have blender. First time give a little bit to see baby reaction like allergy and motion or motion. If everything is ok next day give same puree.if puree is not smooth enough add a bit of your breast milk to make it very smooth.
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Question: can we give curd rice mixed with Banana babies??
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 7 months old yes dear u can mix curd nd banana nd give it to baby. It's healthy but both r cold by nature so dear always give banana nd curd in day time nd curd should be fresh nd should not be cold .try it dear
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