40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does artificial pain have any side effect?? Does it hurt more than natural labor???

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Answer: Hi. I delivered my baby with artificial pain. I never had any issue till Date neither any side effect. Also one cannot know what natural labour pain was like as pain wmbecomes.intense in both pains. I have labour of 6 hours. So dont worry.
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Question: does taking lactare capsules have any side effect on baby?
Answer: Hie No dear it has no side effects, it helps to increase breast milk supply
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Question: My vaginal stitches hurts more than labor pain. Please suggest me any remedy to cure it faster.
Answer: Please sit in a tub with epsom salt and hot water this will help in healing and reduce swelling
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Question: From which month we can give teethers to baby ? And does it have any side effect?
Answer: Hi dear u can give after 3 months of age but avoid giving it once baby will be above 6 months as till then thier gums get very strong and they can brust the teether with their stronger gums. Make sure to maintain the hygiene and keep it clean to avoid any infection.
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