40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does anyone have swelling feets aft delivery? Mine s normal delivery. Baby born on Sept 24 th..I noti ed my feets swelling slightly...is it normal? My feets didn't swell during pregnancy...

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Answer: Postpartum Swelling (edema) is a common condition. You will probably have a swelling around your face, belly, and ankles, it will be there for a week or more. During the delivery, not all the blood leaves the body. A combination of this extra blood, ho monal changes, and fluid retention will cause swelling post-pregnancy .
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Question: I have swelling on my feets and swelling didnot go after sleeping in morning can u guide me is it normal
Answer: Swellings in pregnancy is completely normal.... It's a part of it. So don't worry but if it increases than keep your legs in Luke warm salty water of sometime, it will give some relief
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