Planning for pregnancy

Question: does gutka and smoking effect the quality of sperm?

2 Answers
Answer: I can understand your anxiety. Yes smoking and gutka affects the quantity and quality of sperm. This may result in problems to conception. Take care
Answer: Hie Yes it definitely does your diet plays the main role in your sperm quality a Better and healthier diet is recommended
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Question: Will drinking a lot of alcohol and smoking put a man to infertility or does it effect the sperm count and health ?
Answer: of course it is believed that a man who smokes and drinks a lot will definitely lose his fertility and ability to produce a healthy will definitely affect the growth of the baby .. smoking and drinking is injurious to health ..Alcoholism may delay a man's sexual response and may cause impotence, the inability to have or sustain an erection.. it is better to quit smoking and drinking before planning for pregnancy
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Question: Does diet of mother effect the quality of bm?
Answer: Yes the type of foods which you take in of course effect the quality and quantity of BM. You should take healthy and balanced diet.
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Question: Does folic acid helps to improve the quality of egg and sperm??
Answer: yes folic acid does affect the egg and sperm. Because these two contain some amount of iron in them.
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