38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Does amniotic fluid keep reducing after entering the 9th month of pregnancy?? My baby is normally in head down position weight evrything is fyn

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Question: My baby is at breech position at my 29 weeks of pregnancy. When does the baby's head go down?
Answer: Hi,if your baby rotates there are chances that it changes its position band come to its normal.and ideal position that is cephalic position. If the baby dosent change the position the you will have to go in for csec
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Question: Is the baby in head down position?
Answer: Dear that you can know through the ultrasound only. The other simpler way of knowing ur baby's head down position is if u feel ur baby kicks under ur breast then it means ur baby is in head down position. Hope it helps.
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Question: Once the baby takes head down position, after that in how many days the normally delivery takes place?
Answer: There is no time fixed. Delivery from 37 to 40 weeks is considered healthy. Before that is premature.
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