9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Doctor told to test for fault chromosome in 11 week..and said that it takes 1 hr to do this test..i want to knw what is the procedure of this test..will they take the blood..

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Answer: Yes it's blood test.
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Question: Hiii, i completed 2 nd month today .my doctor said they willscanning in this week.i want to know what type of test they will do at this time
Answer: Ultra sound scanning.. Just to emsure the baby growth nd hearbeat
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Question: Why doctor said to take blood test 7 week of pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear, If you could mention the blood test name I would be able to help you.usually the routine test like TSH ,sugar etc is done prior to conception.in first trimester there is no such blood test recommended.i am not sure obit is specific to you.so in your next post please mention the name of the test.
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Question: Hi all .. My gyn told that by next week v can do scan , what will they check in that scan ? Will they say the due date exactly ?
Answer: Hello! They will check the position of the baby, the condition of the placenta, position of the cervix. Also will check the blood flow to the baby and the heart beat of the baby. Though exact due date is not possible to tell but yes a tentative period or date will be given Take care
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