35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Doctor told that il undergo c section delivery am so tensed will it be painful.

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Answer: Hi deae don't worry even i also gone through the same process of delivery. It is true that there will be pain but not during operation but it will come after 1 days when anesthesia affect will start coming down but I'm 15 days time those pain will go and u will be happy and active.
Answer: Yes after c.section it will be painfull but don't worry ur family will be there ,days will pass like anything and I also had c.section but because of family i didn't felt any problem
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Question: Just 4 weeks more to go for delivery and im so tensed thinking if il be able to bare the pain of normal delivery. And the varginal cut that doctor does. Will they be painful?
Answer: Normal delivery is very good for ladies nd vaginal stiches are common to all almost nd when baby came out then ur pain totally gone.... Vaginal stiches are littlebit painful bt it will recover in 10 to 15days so don't worry
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Question: I am suffering from placenta previa and doctor told me it will be a c section delivery its my 32th week of pregancy ..after how many weeks it can be a safe pregancy..it we plan for c section then
Answer: Hi. A baby is fully developed after 36 weeks of pregnancy. After 36 weeks just the babies weight gets increased. Sobif your baby has good weight you can plan for c-section anytime after 36 weeks of pregnancy. But if your babies weight is bit low you can achive proper weight till 40 weeks and then go for c-section. Totally depends on you. All the best
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Question: Doctor told labour will be induced by putting gel into vagina.will it be painful
Answer: Hi dear no dont worry it wont be painful its just like pv so dont worry dear. Before that you can do more walking as it helps to induce pain naturally. So try doing thta dear. Dont get panic and dont stress yourself.
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