35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Doctor told that il undergo c section delivery am so tensed will it be painful.

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Answer: Hi deae don't worry even i also gone through the same process of delivery. It is true that there will be pain but not during operation but it will come after 1 days when anesthesia affect will start coming down but I'm 15 days time those pain will go and u will be happy and active.
Answer: Yes after c.section it will be painfull but don't worry ur family will be there ,days will pass like anything and I also had c.section but because of family i didn't felt any problem
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Question: Hi.. It's my 2nd pregnancy I'm 34 weeks pregnant.. I had my 1st C-section my baby is now 4 yrs.. Doctor told me that there's now possibility for normal delivery bcoz previous is C-section so no induse will be given for labour pain this time so you have to fix the date nd come to hospital for delivery doctor hi told if we will try for normal delivery the stitches may tear it's very risky for both me n baby..... Plz guide me....
Answer: If ur report is fine nd there is no complication doctor alwys try for vbac even your gap is also 4 yrs its long gap doctr can try for vbac(veginal birth aftr c section) dont worry
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Question: Hi Mommies Can anyone tell me if C section will be painful? How many do we feel difficulty after c section and how to handle it. Please tell me.
Answer: Both normal and c section are painful. Normal delivery will be painful during labour and episiotomy stitches will be painful for a week and there will be discomfort for a month. C section will be painful after the baby is born till the stitches are healed and it requires sedatives for a few days to sleep. In c section you have to endure pain longer. Anyway but whatever is medically required, it should be done.
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Question: Hlo mam my son has bowel legs how it will be treated pls tell me am very tensed plz help
Answer: Physiological bow legs doesn't need any specific treatment. With regular massage can help in this problem and mostly it will be normal with age. but if baby has a specific disease like Blount disease then surgery needed and you have to go for that after Consulting doctor.
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