2 months old baby

Question: Doctor tells that i hav scabies so i was cured but after a week it occur again kindly recommend something

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Question: I have infection and i take medicines for it when i take medicine it was cured but after a few days it happens again what should i do
Answer: Hi dear, Then you might have to change the medicine or might have to extend the duration of the medicine.as right now it is only suppressing the infection,but not treating it.may be taking it for longer time would help.
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Question: Hii doctor now am 6 th week pregnancy but doctor was says nothing shows in ur stomach so she tells pregnancy was week
Answer: Hi,take complete bed rest and consult tour Dr and discuss weather any hormone support meds.or inj can help you.
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Question: My last periods date was 8 but this month i missed periods so i checked through pregnancy kit that was positive after that i consult a doctor it was also positive and wanna now the week of my pregnancy
Answer: Hello, According to your last lmp which is 8june 2018 you are in 5 week and 4 days.
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