11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Plz doctor tell me what in the best time for inj TT and what is the gap between 1st dose to 2 nd dose?1 am 10 weeks pregnant mom

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Answer: hi TT injection should be taken in the second trimester you should consult your doctor your gynecologist will be able to help you better the first TT dose injection is taken in the second semester and the third is second dose is taken in the third test
Answer: First dose of TT injection is given on your 4th month
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Question: What age gap is best between babies, i am planning for the second baby ?
Answer: Health-wise it is better to recover from one pregnancy and childbirth before embarking on the next for your and your baby's sake, especially if your iron levels are low. A review of many studies in this area has shown a significantly higher risk of prematurity, low birth weight, and being small for gestational age in babies conceived within six months, compared to babies conceived within 18 to 23 months, of a previous birth. These risks were still evident for babies conceived within seven to 17 months of the previous birth, albeit to a lesser extent than those conceived within six months. If you aim for an 18-23 month gap between pregnancies you'll have time to recover your energies and replenish your body's resources.
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Question: Hi doctor... what is the time for 1st TT. Am in 6 week pregnant
Answer: If it is your first pregnancy, your healthcare provider will recommend two doses of tetanus vaccine during pregnancy. The first dose will be given in the third trimester that can be around the seventh month in pregnancy.The second dose will be given after four weeks of the first dose.The WHO recommends a third dose as well that is given after six months of the second dose. This is to offer protection against the tetanus for at least five years.
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Question: Hello.. My Afi levels 7cm my dctr prescribed iv fluids ..,10%dextrose nd betnisol inj 2doses between 24 hours gap interval... Soo plz tell me the purpose of betnisol inj during prgncy..
Answer: Betnesol inection is given to promote fetal lung maturation in anticipation of premature delivery before 34 completed weeks of gestation. An AFI between 8-18 is considered normal. Your AFI level is slightly low So IV fluids are given. Drink more fluids and consult your doctor.
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