15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Doctor suggested to take iron and calcium tablets, iron should take before food?

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Answer: Hello dear, better to take after food. Continue to have lean grilled chicken, fish and green leafy vegetables to get iron from diet as well.... And yes, take iron and calcium at different times in the day. Don't have iron when you have just had milk or curd. It will not get properly absorbed. Hope it helped Take care urself....
Answer: Hello, Normally, it's after food so that absorption is good. However, consult your doctor. She is the right person to guide on dosage and consumption of medicines.
Answer: Iron tablet after dinner and calcium after breakfast ideally. Take care dear.
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Question: Doctor when should I take iron and calcium tablets
Answer: Hi,iron and calcium tablets should not be taken together because there will not be proper absorption of the tablets in the body if one is taken in the morning the other should be taken in the evening however for better understanding it is better to consult the doctor
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Question: My doctor had not asked me to take calcium and iron tablets. Should I still take calcium and iron tablets or wait till next appointment with doctor?
Answer: Hi dear u can simply call ur doctor and he will advise. It is advised to have it at any case as it keep u heathy and keep a proper growth of baby.
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Question: Doctor suggested to take iron and calcium tablets..but I don't like to take tablets.. is it necessary to take tablets
Answer: Yes necessary dear coz of blood loss n coz bones r weaker.... U must continue until 6 months
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