7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Doctor suggested me strict bed rest. Cant I even go for a walk

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Answer: Dear Friend. This will depend a lot on reason due to which your doctor has advised bed rest. Some women must remain in bed or on a comfortable pouch most of the time while others may only need to slightly restrict their activity. But as you have mentioned doctor suggested strict bed rest than please follow it coz somtimes it is the need of the hour. So avoid going for a walk. get well soon.
Answer: Take rest
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Question: Doctor advised me strict bed rest because cervical stitch. Pls give some bed rest tips
Answer: Hello! After cervical stitch, it is important to have bed rest. Try to lie on your sides and if you want, you can always sit with proper back support . Try to hear Garbha sanskar or read books on it. It is very good for pregnant women. Take care
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Question: doctor suggested bed rest to me
Answer: Must b bcoz of low lying placenta...u shud tak complete bed rest as advised by ur doc
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Question: can cerclage gets open ....if i walk or do some house work...doc told me strict bed rest...
Answer: Some precautions after a cervical stitch have been placed ensure the success of the procedure. Following precautions need to be taken if you have undergone cervical cerclage – Complete bed rest if you have undergone the cervical cerclage depending upon your medical condition.Reduced physical activity, along with no exercise is also recommended. In case you want to exercise, ensure medical supervision and/or approval.Refrain from heavy work for a short time.Avoid sexual activity for some time (up to the 34th week) after the procedure. It is advised to avoid climbing stairs after having a cervical procedure. However, there is no scientific evidence yet to prove that this could cause any issues. Since every case is different you may seek advice from your doctor about what your specific requirements are.
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Question: Hello doc ..m 16 week pregnant ...i had spotting one 2 times few days back ..my dr after getting ultrasound told i have a low lying placenta ..so she told me to b on strict bed rest for 72 hrs...even after bed rest even if i walk litte bit spotting start again and i have to go for bed rest again..i want to ask y its happening again and again and is it a matter of concern
Answer: Yes it's matter of concern. U should be on strict bed rest otherwise it will effect on ur pregnancy
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