7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Doctor suggested lonopin 40 injection throughout pregnancy..is this safe?

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Answer: But y doc suggested u.. Are u auffering from any blood clot disorder
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    Anu A908 days ago

    No...i have previous miscarriage

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    Shiksha Dhar908 days ago

    Ok mostly docs prescribe heparin during pregnancy to avoid any kind of miscarriage . U can take it its totallt safe.. I m also taking it

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Question: Hi mam am 13,week pregant. My dr suggested to injection lonopin 20mg. My Q is what is the uses of this injection. Its safe . am taking daily bases
Answer: hi dear! so this is a blood thinner dear. you are given this if you has previous any abortions in the past dear. it is used to prevent the blood clots in the legs.so yes it is safe and do not stop them without consulting with your doctor dear. and do continue to take them unless your doctor asks you to stop them. take care dear! goodluck!
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Question: Doctor said me take lonopin injection daily till 7th month.. is this injection needed?? And what is the use??
Answer: There are specific indications to start lonopin, It cause thinning of blood it is usually given in the cases of history of miscarriages Or in the cases where the blood clot is present maybe your doctor has given it to you to prevent any problem which he could suspect, You can ask your doctor about the specific reason I understand that taking these injections must be really difficult for you but have faith in your doctor
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Question: Hi doctor has suggested me lonopin injection. Is it safe for baby
Answer: Yes this injection is safe i will also take lonopin injection in 5 months.
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