27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Doctor says i am having low amniotic fluid. I am drinking 3 liters of water daily. Also water from one coconut. Still no improvement in the levels. Suggest me others ways to improve my amniotic fluid level.

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Answer: Hi. Have coconut water twice, also have 2-4 litre water include fruits that have good water content like water melon, musk melon etc. . Take proper rest for now and dont walk much now. .
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Question: Hi experts.. I m currently 32 weeks pregnant..last week my afi is 10cm and now reduced to 9.2cm. and i'm drinking around 3 lts of water and coconut water daily.. please suggest me ways to improve water level.
Answer: Hello dear Generally the normal index of Amniotic fluid is between 8-18cm. It is very important to keep the amniotic level in balance. So here are following ways u can increase amniotic fluid : Drink plenty of water, coconut water, glucose and fresh juices. These liquids promote the production of amniotic fluid. Check the weight of the baby as low weight can affect the level of amniotic fluid. Consume plenty of watermelons, take complete bed rest, Drink water after every half hour so that you can pass urine every once in an hour. This process prevents urine infection.
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Question: Good morning 💐 I am 20 weeks twin pregnant. I am having argin sachet twice a day. Also, coconut water, fluids, anwla daily. Kya ye meri help karega, as i have low amniotic fluid. Koi aur advise. Blessings always for everyone 🙏
Answer: Drink as much as fluids..u can...drink barley water drink soaf water if u can it ll hep u alot.
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Question: I am about to complete 7th month and i have low amniotic fluid levels..i am also on medication for my liver problem.. doctor has suggested bed rest..is there any tested way to increase the fluid levels?
Answer: Hie Following are the natural ways to increase amniotic fluid 1. Drink at least 14-17 glasses of water every day. One of the simplest ways to upsurge your amniotic fluid is to make certain that you are always hydrated. 2. Consume fruits that have water contents. A remarkable way to stay hydrated while also getting good nutrients is to consume fruits and veggies that have high water concentration Vegetables like cucumber, iceberg lettuce, celery, radishes, spinach, green peppers, cauliflower, broccoli and baby carrots and fruits such as watermelon, tomatoes, strawberries, star fruit, grapefruit and cantaloupe. 3.When you lie on your left side, your blood flows more smoothly through the uterine blood vessels and allows your baby’s blood flow to also move at a regular rate. This may cause the amniotic fluid index to rise. 4.Avoid alcohol. If you are pregnant, you should not drink alcohol of any kind since it is not good for your baby’s health and cause amniotic fluid drop
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