11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Doctor said My blood levels is low and suggested me to have a blood transfusion.. Am really tensed! I don't want any transfusion.. How Can I recover my blood ,is this a big problem for baby? Please reply

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Answer: Hi dear, Are you talking about hoemoglobin or platelets ? Blood levels low could mean anything.i am not sure how low are they that doctor has asked you for blood transfusion.please let us know the actual report,only then we can answer specifically.
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    M SuHasini Gopi991 days ago

    Heamoglobin level it is 6

Answer: No nothing to worry about it take more fluids freshfruits or fresh juices take ragi java dryfruit laddu its improves blood lvl i done samething its worked for me i hope u will b fine with dis all the best
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Question: I am 37weeks pregnent i have problem of bulky discharge is there any problem or i want to visit my doctor please reply fadtly i am really worried
Answer: Hi dear don't worry these are normal during the third trimester of pregnancy this is the the signs of liver so you don't need to worry you should be very careful and you should take enough rest as you are very close to your neighbour neighbour.usually my grandmother used to tell if we get white discharge before a label then it would be a baby boy if we get a red spotting then it would be baby girl it is a just a minute I don't know how true it is so you don't need to worry about it
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Question: hi my doctor said that I have low lying placenta. is it any problem, how to recover this problem ?
Answer: If your pleasant attached to the lower segment of uterus near internal os (mouth of cervix) it's low lying placenta. This is very risky and associate with breathing and preterm delivery. You have to take care of yourself and need to take absolute bed rest at least for one or two months until your Placenta moves upward. Take care.
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Question: My blood percentage is low. Which foods I have to eat more.. I have only 8 it want to be 11 said by doctor. Is it any problem
Answer: Hello dear, being anemic during pregnancy is common... eating iron rich foods like dates, pomegranate, beetroot, apple, palak, etc. Will help boost your hemoglobin levels..
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