10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii doctor...on 28 of sep i had pregnancy test at my home ...it was positive ...nd now i m 9 th week ...my doctor has done urine test ...nd she said it was not positive before 2 days ....but today i had a test with the kit i got light shadow line ....so what is the reason ...

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Answer: Check again with the dr take that kit with u which shows tge result.
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Question: Hii.. i have done home pregnancy test... two lines came.. but one line is light nd other one dark.. is it positive test?
Answer: Taking the pregnancy test in next week again will help you with two dark lines absolutely do not worry. because you are pregnant a faint Line or feeble LINE which is light pink these all are important and that shows that you are pregnant. because your pregnancy kit are so designed to detect even 0.1 mm of HCG in your urine that you see a feble pink line because of the low HCG levels in your urine in first week of pregnancy. hence if you take this pregnancy test in next week you will see the same line as being getting slight dark I will advise you to start supplements and visit your gynecologist so that if at all a sonography is required which is usually done anytime between 6th to 10th week I will advise you to also get an early sonography done because there is no harm in getting a sonography also doing an early sonography helps to know the placental position as well as your baby's health . do not worry you are pregnant and take care.
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Question: Im 8 weeks pregnant before when i had done the home test there was dark 2 lines but today it was 1 light line and 1 dark what does that mean? What can be the reason for this? Please help
Answer: Hello Dear it happens nothing to worry sumtym the test is not done properly or urine is not sufficient but it is confirmed that yu are pregnant congratulations. To be more sure yu can do HCG blood test it will give yu accurate results. Take care
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Question: Hii m alifya nd i had checked today with prega news nd i got 2 lines on T the line is dark nd on C the line is little bit light so whats the result??? Positive or negative?????
Answer: Well you can check on its packet that clarifies 1 line means not pregnant and 2 lines means pregnant, still asking this question??
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