40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hii doctor... Now i have a little back pain and abdomen pain is it A symptom of labour pain..

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Answer: Hello dear, it is a kind of labour pain, you can feel many times before delivery. Actual labour pain start from back and spread abdomen, legs and whole body paining at a same time, pain will be increase every minute. It comes and go again and again but don't stop.  if you find that symptoms. Visit ur doctor as soon as possible....
Answer: Hi...yes this is symptoms of labor and any leakage is there like amniotic fluid or White discharge or ur feeling motions.
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Question: Hii I am 8th month of pregnancy and I have no vomtings,nausea,leg cramps,swelling,back pain,front starting of my pregnancy I just have like a normal person it it safe for baby
Answer: Dear This is also normal. every pregnancy has different symptoms many can have this kind of problem but some of them they had not any problem .this is totally safe this is normal dear even when I was pregnant I don’t have any kind of symptoms
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Question: Having lower abdomen pain and back pain ...is this normal
Answer: Yes its normal during pregnancy so dont worry about it maintain a well balanced diet drink lots of water stay hydrated and walking daily for half hour will help take care
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Question: I have strong pain in abdomen and pinning sensation in my vagina... While walking.... And when I sleep I feel backpain..... Is this a symptom that my labour is going to start
Answer: It may cause due to urine infection..that was normal only in pregnancy. Drink plenty of water and water content food .
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