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Question: Hiii doctor my period due date was 7th nov i haven't got the periods... My head is feeling very heavy... Can i be pregnant?

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Answer: Hi dear, its very early to say. And heavy head is not a confirm symptom. you should wait till 1 week after missing your periods and then check in home kit. All the best
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Question: Hello mam,my period due date was 26 nov,but today is 28 and i hvnt got my periods...can i take pregnancy test tommorrow?
Answer: Yes u can go with first urine ,but if it would be positive than evn it wud b mild u need to wait atleast 5 to 7days to get proper results.but no issues go ahead for just idea sakeall the best👍👍
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Question: Hello mam ! My marriage date was nov 11, ma last period date is nov 5, But i got period today, how can i get pregnant??
Answer: Your periods seems to be regular... have intercourse in fertile period...means after a week of menses to one week prior to menses date...thisiddle period is considered safe
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Question: My last period was on 11th Nov 2018,still now I had not got period.. What would be the week. Am feeling very tired and giddnesa
Answer: Hi dear plz check u pregnancy first tomorrow with ur morning urine and if u get two red lines then u r pregnant. Without dat plz don't get assured that u r pregnant.
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Question: My period due is 18 Nov...but i haven't got my periods yet...for how many days do i need to wait for pregnancy test
Answer: Wait 3-4 days more for accurate result and check it using first morning urine sample
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