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Question: Helo doctor i m 3month pregnant ..and i have a stone in my both kidney . Its very painful....can u help me out what to do

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Answer: Oh dear that must be very painfull for you. So please talk to your doctor and get some medication for yourself also you should drink lots and lots of fluid throughout the day because the more you will drink that will help you to get relief from the pain also Consuming fruits like watermelon, blueberries, peaches, etc which have high water content is also beneficial.Reduce your consumption of green leafy vegetables, chicken, fish, nuts, beetroot, chocolate, peanuts, beef, red meat, tea, and coffee. Drunk lemon water that will also help..
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Question: Hi, i m 7th montj pregnant and i have fibleroids in my uterus...what to do? Its very painful
Answer: Hi Dear! Incase of fibroids size is important, fibroids usually don't pose a problem in conceiving but the only thing they can grow in size and sometimes block the vaginal delivery path, and the only option is surgery to remove fibroid if its within the uterine cavity which could block the path, otherwise there is no issue in conceiving so a test is important to know the size and location. Hope this helps!
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Question: I have stone in both kidney some time it's lots of pain sp please help me what should I do
Answer: Drink water every one hour and have atleast 8 litres a day Avoid vegetables that have seeds and also cabbage and cauliflower .. Have barley water
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Question: I have cough.. its very irritated and painful in my throat. what to do.
Answer: hi dear! you can take this cherry cough syrup it will help you dear. but take it after consulting with your doctor dear. take care dear.
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