1 months old baby

Question: Hii Doctor,I delivered a baby girl through c section 16 days back.Now I don't hv pain on the stich area but inside my stomach I feel pain sometimes and at night I am sleeping by turning right side.will it effect my stiches?

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Answer: Hello, Dear it must be after pains. You can feel some sharp pains in your stomach sometimes because your uterus is shrinking back to its normal shape . So don't worry just take rest and it will be fine on its own..
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    Jayashree Chowdhury Mukherjee1042 days ago

    Thnk you so much...😊

Answer: It will not affect if you are already aonth passed the c section as mentioned in your app data. But refrain from excess torsion try to sleep on your left for few more days till you do not feel any pain in tummy.
Answer: Thnku...😊
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Question: I have delivered through c section 2 months ago. Im not feeling comfortable while turning to right side bed time. Feeling like dragging in stomach. Solution plz
Answer: Hi dear, This happens to most of us.c section is a major operation,and requires lot of healing time.i was told by my doctor to walk and move around alot to recover faster.the more you walk around the faster your internal stiches heal.yes,at times it was difficult for me too to turn around,but it should be fine soon.not to worry,I am hoping all is well,but if there is severe pain anytime in abdomen,do check with doctor.
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Question: Hi I also delivered baby through c section so now still stiches pain .. ?
Answer: Hii dear if ur delivery done 3 months back and still u have pain then it could be possible that u got some infection as mild pain or stretching is ok as it is also a kind of surgery which do takes time to recover fully but severe pain shouldn't be neglected. Do consult doctor.
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Question: Hi iam deliverd c section 20 days before. Now pain inside stomach stich area. Is it normal. How can reduce pain.
Answer: Me too I have consult my gynecologist he said its normal to feel pain for the first few months
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