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Question: Doctor i am 3 months pregnancy i have vomitting sense. Taking vomitting tablets is good or not. If i dont taken na i cant eat anything

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Answer: Dear, If you are taking precribed medicine then have it, no problem.
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    uma vigneswari90 days ago

    Thank u doctor

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Question: Is it going to affect my baby in any sense if I don't take folic acid tablets throughout pregnancy means if I stop taking them after 3 months
Answer: Hello dear Folic acid is necessary in initial 3 months of pregnancy. It is necessary to have it in pregnancy for first three months as well as it is also necessary for the one who is planning to conceive as it helps in supporting pregnancy and helps in proper growth and development of baby.
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Question: Hi i am 3 months pregnent i have digestion problem i cant eat anything nd i cant sleep properly
Answer: Take a teaspoon of cumin seeds and boil it in one litre of water and filter the seeds ,and drink it helps in digestion ...and add guava pomegranate chew well with its seeds it relieve constipation...take warm milk before sleeping it induces sleep
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Question: I have thyroid problem dont want to eat medicine i m taking ashwagandha it is good or not
Answer: No dear , its important to take medicine to cure thyroid. If you dont want allopathy medicine then you can try some homeopathic medicine but do take medicine...
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Question: I am 7 months pregnant ,i am taking calcium tablets ,should i also take folic tablets in this trimester or not? ,i have already taken folic tablets in first 4 months of my pregnancy
Answer: yes u can.if help to gain baby weight
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