9 months old baby

Question: Doctor has prescribed multivitamin and vitamin d3 drops . Is it ok to giv only multivitamin as it already contains vitamin d3

Answer: Usually only iron and vitamin D3 is prescribed to 6 months plus infants. Anyway is Dr has prescribed it should be right. Multivitamin will have very less amount of D3 which will not be sufficient.
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Question: Hi all, my baby has completed 4 months.Till now Im not giving multivitamin drops.my doctor gave only vitamin d3 drops..multivitamin drops is necessary or any other drops??
Answer: Hi Dear! Dr. s usually prescribes Iron, zinc and Vit D3 drops my baby was also prescribed the same, hence i am unsure of any multivitamin pls do talk to your Dr. and offer baby if Dr. suggests.. Good luck!
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Question: Is it important to give vitamin D3 and multivitamin drops to babies up to 6 months?
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,it is very important now a days to give enough vitamins .as through breast milk ,the vitamins are not met for baby.if your baby appears pale ,then iron drops are also recommended.
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Question: How much gap should I take to give multivitamin drops and vitamin d3 drops to my baby..?
Answer: Give as per ur pediatric advice ,take 30 to 1 hrs gap
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