23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Doctor has asked me to go for dual marker test is there any complications or its a normal pregnancy test undergone by all pregnant women

2 Answers
Answer: It is normal. It is to make sure baby is normal.
Answer: No need to worry.. its a normal routine test..
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Question: Can you tell why dual marker test is to be done?? It is necessary for all women or if there is any problem thn nly doctor suggests..
Answer: Hi dual marker test is done along with my scan.it is done at 11 to 13 weeks and is a compulsory test for all
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Question:  the doc has asked me to go for a double marker test is it necessary
Answer: It's gud if u hav d test.its helpful in detecting sme major genetic issues
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Question: Is it necessary to do dual marker test after nt scan? My doctor has not prescribed for dual marker test. Please suggest.
Answer: Hello! It is not important to do but better if done. You can talk with your doctor and ask the doctor if you need to do it or not. . Take care
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