9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Doctor gave me progesterone tablets. My pregency is almost 2 months. Can u please suggest it is ok to take without any side-effect?

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Answer: This tablet is without any side effects and compelety safe. It's given to boost the hormones required to boost and safe guard pregnancy. It also prevents miscarriage and premature births.
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Question: today I felt light spotting...my doctor gave me to take progesterone tablets ..is it safe ?
Answer: Hello! Don't worry it is absolutely safe. It is given to maintain the pregnancy and avoid any miscarriage
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Question: Dr prescribe progesterone tablets is it ok to take
Answer: Yes dear it's very ok to take. It's to boost hormones that safe gaurd pregnancy and to aviod miscarriages. Don't worry
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Question: My doctor gave ecosprin 1, progesterone tablets 2 daily can i do some exercises
Answer: They're routine tablets don't worry do some light stretchings walk gently you can ask Ur gynic for further exercises
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Question: do OVABLESS Tablets have any side effect. as my Dr. suggest me to take the ovabless for 3 months, as iam trying to conceive also. please clarify is it ok??
Answer: Hi! Ovables is a multi vitamin and completely safe to be taken don't worry u can continue to have it.. Hope this helps!
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