28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Doctor diagnosed more amniotic fluid in my 26th week

Answer: Hello! More amniotic fluid or polyhydramnios  is harmless, but it does have the potential to cause serious pregnancy complications. But in severe cases, there are certain risks, including: Pre-term Labor Premature Birth Excess fetal growth Placental abruption (the placenta detaching from the wall of the uterus before you give birth) Postpartum hemorrhage Umbilical cord prolapse (the cord falling out of the vagina before the baby) Fetal malposition Stillbirth In such case try to take rest as much as possible.  If you feel breathless: try and avoid climbing stairs as much as possible do household chores in small bursts, and take your time if help is offered, accept it, and get plenty of rest It may be that you have heartburn because your uterus is pushing against your stomach. To ease this: eat small amounts regularly try not to lie down straight after a meal don't eat just before going to bed don't eat or drink anything which makes your heartburn worse, such as spicy food try to sleep propped up in bed ask your doctor for an antacid prescription Polyhydramnios will probably make you feel anxious. It may also make you feel on the large side. But there are ways to lessen your anxiety: Gather as much information as you can, as early as you can, at your antenatal classes. Find enjoyable distractions. If you're too self-conscious about your size to go out, invite friends over, or catch up on DVDs. If you have polyhydramnios and notice new symptoms, or if your existing symptoms become worse, call your doctor or go to your nearest hospital immediately. Take care
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Question: Hello.. Doctor said that I have more amniotic fluid. Try to reduce it. How to reduce amniotic fluid
Answer: hi dear! so dear amniotic fluid is produced by the baby itself when it urinates inside . so there are certain medicines available like indomethacin that reduces the urine production in the baby dont worry it will do no harm to the baby . and do not take them unless your doctor provides you with the prescription. it should come under control with medicines only and if there is more fluid then drainage of some portion of the fluid is done , but its done when there is more risk . take care dear! i hope this information was helpful to you dear!
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Question: If more amniotic fluid in baby then what effect
Answer: Hi dear, During pregnancy,amniotic fluid is the protective barrier or cushion for your baby. Though we never think about it at initial stages of pregnancy,but later stages it becomes an important criteria to detect baby's health. Women with inadequate AFI and women with more AFI are both not normal for sure. More than normal ranges fluid could lead to preterm labor by increasing more pressure build up. It could also be due to few reasons: 1- mother's sugar level out of control 2-baby not swallowing enough fluid 3- baby producing excessive urine 4- swelling up in baby's body with excess fluid 5- genetic reasons Certain complications attached to this is preterm labor and Babies are also more likely to move into positions which aren’t ideal for birth. There are certain treatments for this .you can talk to your doctor if it is really required.
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Question: now I am in 36t week . My amniotic fluid is only about 10. How can I increase my amniotic fluid ?
Answer: Drink lots of water and liquids..also i can take fruit ehich is having a lot of water content like cucumber and watermelon..plz be careful snd consult ur doctor as well.
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