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Question: doctor advised me to take siphene 50 mg for ovulation 5th day of my periods at night?

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Question: My doctor advised me to take iron tablets at night. But at night I used to take milk everything fine
Answer: Hi dear, maintain a gap at least 1 hour between iron tablet and milk. Don't have iron when you have just had milk or curd. It will not get properly absorbed.
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Question: I had my periods on 20 th January 2019 that is 3 days back... Am suffering from pcod.. Dr advised me to take siphene 50 mg for 3days...on what day I should start taking siphene? Whether 5 th day starting menstruation...i had taken on my second day of periods itself... Is there any problem..should I stop
Answer: You can start on e the periods has stopped. Dont stop the tabs in between. Have it continously for best results
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Question: Can I take progesterone soft gelatin capsules 200 mg doctor advised me to take.
Answer: Progesterone supplement in early weeks of pregnancy helps to support baby's growth & development. Also it prevents chances of miscarriage as well.taje the morning Medicine Properly as suggested by doctor.
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