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Question: hii momies...doc told me to drink castor oil with black tea..as i m nt getting a pain yet so any one can plz tell me k kitna quanty black tea or kitna castor oil lena hai..n does it vil really help me to start the pain..plzz ans asap

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Answer: Castor oil stimulates bowel contractions, which in turn causes the body to release prostaglandins. Prostaglandins cause the intestinal muscles to contract. It can also cause uterine contractions because they are the same type of muscle tissue as the intestines, known as smooth muscles. Once the uterine muscles begin to contract, labor has begun. Castor oil can also cause mild dehydration, which can also cause the uterine contractions. After you take castor oil, you will experience diarrhea in about 2 to 6 hours. Once the diarrhea begins, uterine contractions follow shortly after. When labor begins, the diarrhea tends to subside. Castor oil has been helpful in many cases where women have got contractions after having it. You can add 2table spoon of castor oil in a cup of black tea and have it. Also have lots of water as castor oil can cause dehydration.
Answer: i dnt know about black tea but my doc told me to take 2 tbl spoon castor oil in 1 cup of milk as i didnt get pain till my due date...14 dec was my due date and that night i took castor oil with milk as adviced by my doc and next day on 15 dec i had pain....castor oil worked for me without any stomach upset problem....trust in ur doc nd go for it
Answer: black tea ka to pata nahi haan castor oil bolte hai doctor lene ko but maine jab 1 spooon liya tha tab merea pet jarur kharab ho gaya tha natural labour pain to hua nahi .
Answer: ok dear just pray ft me and my baby tht all goes well...just pray
Answer: don't take Castor oil...it will cause stomach upset problem
Answer: doc told me to take
Answer: thnks dear
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Question: Is it good to take castor oil to induce labour pain as I m in 38 week past,no labour pain yet. Hence doc prescribed the same. Please tell me.
Answer: Hi Dear! This castor oil thing is a little controversial some say it has worked fr them some say its not good.. What i knw is walking and stimulating nipple is safe and can be done to bring in labor pain soon as they help to induce.. Good luck!
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Question: hy eve 1....my due date is 12 janvary but i dnt feel any pains yet .......some people told mi to drink black coffee or caster oil for labour pain what can i do now....
Answer: Very few women go to labor on their exact due date. Being born late very rarely cause problems for the baby. To be on the safe side, though the doctor will start doing more checks to see how he or she is doing. Castor oil is a stimulant laxative causes contractions in the bowels, which in turn stimulant uterine contractions. Like most natural induction methods, this only leads to labor if ur baby is ready for labor full term, cervix soft and dilating.
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Question: Hii doc...i got my last periods on 18th Feb.... it's a 30 days cycle for me...i haven't got my periods yet...i know it's too early...but i juz wanted to check...i am getting abdominal pain from past 3 days....n today the pain was really bad...but still no periods... what should it be...why m i getting pain
Answer: Hi dear As feb has only 28 days and yours is 30 days cycle do wait for 2 more days and if you missed your periods do home pregnancy test for initial conformation...abdominal pain may cause due to heat also...do take some jeera water and avoid spicy foods
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Question: What should I eat to induce labour pain...my doctor told me that i should have labour in this week only my baby has grown enough..I do the walking as well..even i hd take the castor oil 2 days before..plzz suggest now what should I eat to induce labour pain... I m 40 weeks pregnant..
Answer: Eat raw papaya, pineapple. Do squads. Walk as much as u can .climb staircase.
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