10 months old baby

Question: Doc.. My 10 months old son cries at time of potty coz it hardens.. Plzztell me wt should i do for dt

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Answer: Hello dear... Hard stool may occur due to constipation, to reduce babys constipation, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Include fiber rich foods like oats,millet Feed more water,you can include soups,juic Give dryfruits dail You can also feed fig smoothie,banana smoothie will be helpful
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    Anu D Kumar60 days ago

    Thanks dea

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Question: My son ws 2.5 kg at time of birth. Now weighs 8kg at end of 10 months. Is it fine
Answer: Hi.. On an average he should ideally be around 9kgs, but nothing to worry. Try an serving him high content carbohydrate food for example boiled rice and mashed potatoes (with salt, pepper and ghee in it), also mashed bananas. He will be fine.
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Question: My baby is 41 days old he cries lot at the time of burping.. What should I do
Answer: Hi dear, Baby can cry due to lot many reasons. 1-Baby could be colic.that is gas pain and could be really uncomfortable for the babies.please try to release the gas by mild massaging the belly or cycling motions of leg. 2-Baby could cry for feed.if the baby is not burped properly the air trapped in the food pipe could hurt baby's chest and other organs.alao if the baby is still hungry and due to the same reason baby can't take more feed. 3-Baby could be sleepy.some babies needs lot of time to get sleep,even if they are sleepy. Comfort the baby by breastfeeding and singing lullaby.donot take baby to bright lights at the time of sleeping. 4-Baby could be having ear pain .which is a very common infection a baby gets during cold. Assess the reason and act accordingly.if the baby still cries for more than 3 hours ,won't stop no matter what you do,take him to doctor.
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Question: My son is 3months old he is not at all sleep at morning and night wt I should do?
Answer: Hie As your baby is 3 months now you can start with establishing a night. Routine as sleep is very much essential for the baby 3 months baby should sleep for atleast 17 hours a day Before bedtime Wipe his body with a clean wet cloth moisturise it put on a fresh pair of clothes put off the lights and rock him to sleep At first it may take time like up to an hour but slowly by every passing weeks he would take your que and by the end of 4th month he would totally understand that it's bedtime and I have to sleep
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