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Question: Do we need to have intercourse everyday to get pregnant

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Answer: No dear, if you are having regular cycles ovulation happens about 14 days before your period starts.if average menstrual cycles is 28-32 days ovulation happens around 12-20th day of your cycle and your most fertile days are day 14,16,18 of your be together during fertile days for best results.take care and all the best
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Question: Y wife get period on March 17 we don't know the correct ovelation date February she get on 13 ...and plz tell me how offen we had intercourse to get pregnant plz
Answer: on the month of February her period date was 13 in the March it was 17 so I can expect her period cycle length is in between 30 to 35 days. In that case the ovulation day should be in between 15 to 22 days of the cycle. For this cycle it should be in between 1st to 7th of April. You need to do sex every alternate day on those days or once daily. This will increase chances of pregnancy.
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Question: When can we have intercourse after c section
Answer: Dear actually there is no standard amount of time a woman should wait before returning to regular sexual activities after c section.but most of doctors will advise better to wait until 3 months after delivery.if you are comfortable and you both are keen then you can participate.but if you feel any severe pain overtime better to visit doctor once.take care
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Question: What should I do to get pregnant
Answer: If you want to get pregnant you should have sex during ovulation time . This time is 12-18 days of your period . After sex raise your legs for 10 min .
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