2 months old baby

Question: Do we need to boil mineral water before giving it to babies mixed with formula?

2 Answers
Answer: Yes dear.....it is necessary to boil water upto 2-3 min and after u can mix it with formula
Answer: Yes. Defenatly boiled mineral or normal water before mixed with formula.
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Question: hello... earlier we use ro water to make formula for our baby and we uses to boil that water. Now we switch to kinley mineral water. do we still need to boil that mineral water?
Answer: Do not use Kinley. Use r.o water Kent/pearl r.o is best for home use. Boiling water and cooling down is better than using kinky it has very low tds it can harm baby
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Question: Is it safe to feed formula milk to baby with water boiled in an electric kettle or do i need to boil it on a stove only?
Answer: Hi. You can heat water in kettle dear. But make sure kettle is washed well. And maintain proper hygine.
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Question: Plz tel me.. We have to boil the babies bottle for cleaning.. I am only giving water to baby
Answer: Yes you should boil the bottle every time when you give it to baby so that it can be clean..
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