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Question: Do taking folic acid tablets regularly increases body weight?

2 Answers
Answer: No dear, Taking folic acid 0.5 mg for at least one month before conception reduces the risk of neural-tube defects.
Answer: No. It doesn't increase much weight. But, you should definitely take folic acid supplements. Its very important.
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Question: When to start taking folic acid tablets?
Answer: Hi,when you are planning to conceive you can start taking folic acid tablets but better to consult your Dr so that the Dr can advice you to take proper dosage All the best
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Question: Can i take iron folic acid rich foods instead of taking iron folic acid tablets??
Answer: Yes good,but why don't you take the is better to take tablet along with the foods then only proper amount will reach in your body dear...
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Question: I have been prescribed iron and calcium tablets but no folic acid tablets however before I was taking folic acid tablets and sustein sr 200
Answer: Hello! After the first trimester, folic acid tablets are generally discontinued and iron and calcium is started. Hence don't worry about it. Take care
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Question: Folic acid tablets I am taking regularly.. so my question is. Can I recommend this tablet to my husband...
Answer: There is zolic acid tablet for gens
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