19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: do I need to take iron tablet empty stomach..?? can Calcium and iron tablet be taken together.???

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Answer: Hi,no ,both tablets should not be taken together because it will not absorb in the body.also it is better not to take on empty stomach
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Question: Iron amd calcium tablet should be taken together or not??
Answer: Iron should be taken at night time because it may cause some nauseous effect. Calcium should be taken day time because it requires energy to show it's mechanism. Don't take both at a time which may interact each other and form complex.
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Question: Can i take iron calcium tablet together
Answer: Hi No calcium and iron tablet should not be taken together it should atleast need some 2 hours gap as the calcium can inhibit the irin supplement which goes useless....
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Question: Can i take calcium and iron tablet together??
Answer: Hi. It's better to take each tablet at different session.
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