29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Do I need any kind of ultrasound in 7th month of pregnancy

Answer: Hi dear, at this time you will have Growth scan or fetal wellbeing scan between 28 and 32 weeks. Your doctor might ask you to take it in coming weeks. Take care!
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Question: Can i go for ultrasound in 7th month of pregnancy????
Answer: M in 3rd day of 7th month still cant feel any baby movements??? Why??? How can i increase my baby's weight its less as per doctors, m worried what can be done????
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Question: what kind of exercise we can do in 7th month pregnancy
Answer: Yoga can be a beneficial form of exercise from the 28th week until the birth of your child. It focuses on breathing, relaxation, posture, body awareness, strength, endurance, alignment. Yoga can also alleviate aches and pains associated with the last trimester. Choose a yoga program specifically designed for pregnant women, because certain yoga positions must be avoided. At this stage of your pregnancy, pay attention to your heart rate. If you can't exercise and talk at the same time, your heart rate is too high and it's time to dial back the intensity of your workout.
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Question: M in my 7th month, still i do not hv any kind of leakage from breast. It is normal???
Answer: Nothing to worry its normal few may get earlier and few may get later
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