6 months old baby

Question: Do hair occurs in babies

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Answer: Hello dear Babies develop lots of fine hair called lanugo on their skin while in the second trimster. Though most of it will shed before birth, some will still remain after birth for some babies. This will eventually fall off when she grows, there's nothing to worry. If you feel there's something abnormal about it, please take the suggestion of your doctor. 
Answer: Hello, hairs will be there in babies when in womb also you can apply castor oil, olive oil and almond oil for good hair growth in babies.
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Question: Do hairfall occurs in babies
Answer: Yes its very common. So dont worry. After some time they would re appear on there own.
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Question: y do xtreme hair fall occurs after delivery? ????
Answer: It is due to the fall in oestrogen level..it is a very natural process..it should return to nornal thickness in 6-12 months
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Question: What can do for babies hair dandruff??
Answer: Hi dear ,you can apply almond oil or warm coconut oil with kadipatta leaves and apply on the hair. Wash the hair at least thrice a day.this will help Take care love
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