32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hiii do anyone know after how many days of normal delivery is family planning operation done ...pls answer me

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Answer: 24 hrs after normal delivery
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    sandhya deepak554 days ago


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Question: How many days after operation is done for family planning.
Answer: Hello ma'am You can wait six weeks after giving birth to do any family planning. But do consult your doctor before.
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Question: Hello , after normal delivery i have done an operation (family planning), how many time it takes to recover?
Answer: Hi.. Dear any kind of surgery takes atleast three months to be healed..
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Question: After how many days of c sec and family planning operation we can use tummy tucker..
Answer: Hii dear. I started using if after 4 months of delivery. It is completely depends on ur comfort .if u r ok then u can even use after 2 to 3 months.
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Question: After family planning surgery how many days not doing work
Answer: Precautions women need to take after family planning operation are:- 1) Take complete rest for couple of days as it is natural to feel weak and a little uncomfortable due to general anesthesia given during operation. 2) Slight pain and bleeding will be observed but if it gets worsen then immediately consult your doctor. Taking painkillers prescribed can relieve pain to some extent. 3) Avoid lifting heavy objects for at least a week after operation. 4) Dressing over wound can be taken off very next day. 5) Some sutures are dis solvable and thus do not require removal. However, if sutures are not dis-solvable then you need to go back to the hospital to get them removed. 6) One can get involved physically but proper contraception for certain duration is required. In case of tubal occlusion, contraception until first period is recommended and in case of hysteroscopic sterilization, contraception should be followed for 3 months. Hope this helps.
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