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Question: Do anyone have home based method to check proper and accurate pregnancy

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Answer: Here is a very reliable method called bleach pregnancy test. It gives you the result quicker than other tests: Take a container, and collect the urine.Add bleaching powder to it, and mix it properly to avoid lumps.If it starts to foam and fizz, it means you are pregnant.If there is no foam, it means you are not pregnant. Also you can test for a pregnancy with sugar: Take about one tablespoon of sugar in a bowl.Add approximately one tablespoon of urine to the sugar.Notice how the sugar reacts after you pour urine on it.If you see sugar forming clumps, it means you are pregnant. On the other hand, if the sugar dissolves quickly, you are not pregnant.The hCG hormone will not allow the sugar to dissolve in urine.
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Question: Please suggest accurate home pregnancy test
Answer: Hi dear, You can get the preganews Pregnancy test kit for checking your pregnancy.i used the same.aprt from that the other home based tests are confusing and are not accurate.getba Pregnancy test kit or you can get it checked through blood test.
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Question: After missed period when i have to check pregnancy test for accurate result.
Answer: hi dear! so for checking the pregnancy the best test is blood beta hcg test , as this test is more reliable than the urine pregnancy test. so this test you can take after missing your periods not a problem you dont have to wait . this test will detect your beta hcg in blood and if the value is more than 25-50 then it will confirm the pregnancy and if the test shows less than 5 then it is considered negative. this test wont require fasting so you can go anytime. and fo revert back to us. take care dear! i hope this information is helpful to you.
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Question: Plz suggest How soon I can do pregnancy test at home to get accurate result?
Answer: 36th day is the best. But depends for each lady. Some see a positive result in 32nd day. Some only after 40 days. So my suggestion is please wait until the 36th day atleast. Because if the line falls pale and you are still pregnant you'll get depressed worried and let in negative thoughts. So please do check on 36th day morning first urine.
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